FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Answer to Most Common Inquiries:
->Do you allow personal VPN/ Is tun/tap module enabled?
Yes, we allow you to use your VPS for personal VPN usage. You can enable tun/tap from your solusvm control panel.
->Can I use your OPENVZ VPS for perosnal computing (AKA desktop usage)?
We encourage our users to use command line for managing their server. If some one is unable to use such option, he/she/they are welcome to use GUI software and VNC to manage his/her/their server. However, you are not allowed to use your vps hosted on our hardware for personal computing usage such as remote computer, web browsing and so forth (Unless It has been advertised otherwise).
If you are found utilizing any of those above mentioned software/script, your vps will instantly get suspended and you will not receive any refund.
KVM vps is exempt from this rule.
->Do you allow IRC?
->Do you allow Torrent/Leeching/seeding?
 You can link to legal torrent hosted on other places, how ever, you can not use our service for the purpose of hosting/leeching or seeding any sort of torrent. Linking to illegal torrent or files are prohibited.
->Do you allow pornography / adult content?
Legal pornography and Adult contents ( Legal in USA) are allowed to be hosted and/or linked from. Please take a look here for more information regarding Legal Porn.
->Do you allow Bitcoin Mining?

->Do you allow camfog or similar softwares?

->What is your uptime policy?
We guarantee our network, power & services will be available, at minimum, for 99.9% of a given month. 
Some exceptions to this policy are: 
Scheduled maintenance windows, announced 24 hours in advanced
Upgrades ordered for your service
Suspension of service (AUP violations, billing, etc)
Software installed on your service
Denial of Service attacks/viruses or just generally a compromised service
Errors caused by the account holder
If we fail to meet this guarantee, any account holder in good standings is open to request a credit within 1 week of the outage.
->Do you provide backups?
At this time we don't provide backups of any VPS related data. We plan to offer that soon.
->How many IP's can I get?
All plans come with 1x IPv4. At this time there is no limit to how many IPs a VM can have; however we may ask for justification.
->Are you fully managed?
No, none of our plans include any sort of management, you're expected to have (or willing to gain) knowledge of linux.
More will be added as we move forward.

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